Electric Pasta Maker

Pasta Maker

1. How To Start The Electric Pasta Maker?

2. How To Use The Electric Pasta Maker To Make Dumpling Wrapper?

  • What size of the dumplings skin?

The Dumpling Wrapper mold makes the dough sheet about 3''3, the Dumpling tool is 3''.

3. Functions

Dumpling Wrapper

  • Does this make sheets of dough so you can make your own ravioli, etc?

If you use the dumpling wrapper function then the dough will be extruded as a sheet. You will need to cut the sheet by yourself or use a tool to make the sheet into ravioli.

Quick noodle

  • Can I make normal pasta with Quick Noodle?

Yes, press the Quick Noodle button then press the Confirm/Cancel button to mix dry flour and water together. The machine will knead the dough for 3 minutes and then automatically start extruding. (No resting period between kneading and extruding)

  • Can the machine make Spinach noodle?

Use the "Large fettuccine" mold to form the Spinach noodles with Quick Noodle or Springy Noodle function, and if you want it green, you can mix the vegetable juicer with water and stick in the ratio on the instructions.

Springy Noodle

  • My recipe book says to press the “chewy noodles” function. Where is it?

"Chewy Noodles" is actually the same as "Springy Noodles" in which the machine kneads the dough for 3 minutes, rests to proof the dough for 8 minutes, and then automatically starts extruding.

4. Troubleshooting

  • No noodles are coming out Why aren’t any noodles coming out? 

Follow the recipe exactly (especially the ratio of water and flour) and make sure you have all the parts of the machine assembled. The dough needs to be as dry as bread crumbs then the noodles can be extruded.


  • How to open the lid?

Pinch the tab in the front and lift the lid up. It's a safety lid which prevents being opened by accident and ensures  air-tightness while making noodles.

  • How much water do I need for 1 cup flour?

Add 60-70ml liquid (water, or egg+water, or vegetable juice) on the included  water measuring cup.

  • Do you need oil to make noodles?

You don’t need oil, but it may improve the taste if you add a little olive oil to the liquid. 

  • Does it work with whole wheat flour, rice flour or gluten free flour?
    1. Whole wheat flour - Not recommended. The ratio is quite difficult to control for different brands of wheat flour.
    2. Rice flour -  Not recommended. Because it requires warm or hot water, and the ratio to flour will need to be tested since each brand is different. 
    3. Gluten free flour - Of course! Just follow the instructions about ratio and you should be good to go!