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Digital Kettle

  • How to remove the plastic odor or taste from a new kettle?

1. Fill the kettle with water up to the maximum indicated point and let the water boiled, and then empty the kettle. And repeat 2-3 times.

2. If the plastic smell still disappeared yet, fill the kettle halfway with water and fill the rest with cleaning vinegar or lemon juice to the max. Then turn on the kettle and let the mixture boil.

3. Now you are ready for a nice cup of beverage.

Sharpening Stone

  • Start with Razorri Sharpening Stone Set

  • What are the differences between S2 and S6?

S2 is with the flat base and S6 is with the angled base. Others are the same.

  • Does it requies oil to sharpen knives?

No, no oil needed for these water sharpening stones.

  • Why do I soak the stones in water before using?

Soak them in water for at least 15 minutes til there's no more bubble raising from the water, to confirm the stones and the kinves are both cooling while sharpening, or the heat might harm the knives.