Basics Questions


      1. What is Sharpening Stone for?

      Sharpening stone enables you to safely and easily sharpen and polish all of your bladed instruments. Dull blades are not just ineffective but are also dangerous to you and those around you. With our two double-sided sharpening stones you can take pride in having knives so sharp you can shave the hairs off your arm. Our stones don’t require fancy oils to use, just some standard tap water is enough to lubricate your blade as it moves across the sharpening stone.

       2. What are included for Razorri Sharpening Stone Set?

          • #400/#1000 grit stone
          • #3000/#8000 grit stone
          • Rubber pad x2
          • Bamboo base
          • Angle guide
          • Flattening stone
          • Leather strop
          • User Manual (US / DE)

          3. What blades can be shapened?

              Whether expensive or cheap stainless steel kitchen knife, include Scissors, X-acto Blades, Pocket Knives, Hunting Knives, Chisel, Axe, Razor, Sword or even Machete, the knife sharpening stone set can sharpen it like new.


              ABOUT DISCOUNT

                1. How can I use the discount?

                Normally auto-discount if there's no code displaying on the homepage.

                2. Where can I get the coupon code?

                We will send you an email about the coupon code automatically once you are entitled.

                Note*: You can only use one discount for one order.