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Razorri E1800 vacuum sealer
Razorri E1800-C Vacuum Sealer
ultra light vacuum sealer
Razorri E1800-C Vacuum Sealer
Razorri E1800-C Vacuum Sealer Package
Vacuum sealer bags and rolls
Razorri E1800-C Vacuum Sealer Instruction

Razorri E1800-C Vacuum Sealer

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Razorri E1800-C is a portable and simple-designed vacuum sealer machine with a strong suction.

  • Slim body and all-black color and, this sealer is a beautiful decoration to your kitchen. It's so light that you can take it anywhere conveniently.
  • Only "Seal" & "Vac Seal" for this machine. You might find it quite easy to seal the food and keep it fresh. Everyone knows how to use the machine quickly.
  • Despite its slim body, E1800-C has a strong and quiet motor inside that creates a suction up to -0.65 bar so that you can easily eliminate air, seal the food, and keep food fresh for longer.
  • Ideal for vegetables, meat, fish, fruits, corns, chips, even marinated and salted food. Food sealed by E1800-C is perfectly ready for sous vide and barbecue.
  • It provides STRONG and PERMANENT seal that keeps food fresh for longer, enabling you to buy meats, fruits, and vegetables in bulk, instead of buying fresh food in small, expensive amounts.
  • Features:
    Voltage: 110V in US / 220V in EU
    Power: 110W
    Vacuum Power: -0.65Bar
    Vac/Seal Time: 10-20 Seconds
    Max Seal Bag Width: 11 inches (28cm)
    Weight: 2.64 pound (1.20kg)
    Size: 15.3*3.3*2inches (39*8.5*5.5cm)

    Package Contents:
    1 X Razorri E1800-C Vacuum Sealer
    5 X Starter Bags (7.5*11.5inches/20*30cm)
    1 X Manual Instruction

    Intervals of 40 seconds is recommended between each operation.

    Customer Reviews

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    Q: What type of bags can you use on this vac sealer? where do you buy bulk of bags that can be used on this model?
    A: Please use the bags with lines or folded sides so that they can be vacuumed. All vacuum bags can be used. Other normal bags can only be used for seal but not for vacuum. You could just buy some bags from our website.

    Q:Can this unit use seal a meal bags?
    A: It can only use with the bags with lines or folded side. The vacuum bags would be most recommended.

    Q: Can you peel off the "press here" sticker or is it printed onto the unit?
    A: It's just a sticker, so you can peel it off.

    Q: Do 11x50cm bags work with this sealer? Or is 8x50cm the biggest bag that can be used?
    A: The max seal bag width is 11inches (28cm). So all the bags in this range can be used.