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Why Do I Prefer Sous Vide Cooking?

Sous vide is a French cooking method which means cooking under vacuum and in low temperature. With sous vide, you simply seal raw food with a vacuum sealer, then submerge it in a water bath that is kept at the accurate temperature by a precision cooker.


Food cooked sous vide develop textures and flavors that can never be duplicated by any other traditional cooking methods. The sous vide cooking method is unique, yielding much more different and better results than traditional cooking. Why is that? Allow me to simply explain here.

With traditional cooking methods, heats flow from a burner to a pan or a grill and then into our food. The cooking temperature of the pan is significantly much higher than the ideal core temperature. Additionally, there’s a narrow window of time which is perfect for the food, but we never know the right time to take the food away from the heat is. Take it out too early, then undercooked; too late, then overcooked.

But with sous vide cooking, the perfect time for food cooking is much longer. We don’t need a pan or a grill for sous vide, but a precision cooker and a pot of water instead. Raise the temperature to which we prefer, and then leave it at the kitchen. You are free to chat with guests, play with your children, or pour yourself a drink while the food is cooked sous vide. The food can remain in a precisely heated water bath for several hours, and you can take it out as soon as it’s done, or let it rest in the water until you are ready to eat. With sous vide technique, perfect food is easy and convenient to prepare.

Cooking sous vide isn’t expensive and complicated any more. Razorri offers you every kits you need for sous vide.

Now do you know why I prefer sous vide?

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