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Why Do Vacuum Sealed Food Products Last Longer When Unopened?

Vacuum sealed food products last longer for a couple of reasons - stemming from the reduction of oxygen.

Vacuum sealing reduces the amount of atmospheric oxygen that the food in question comes into contact with, which in turn does a couple of things…

  • limits the growth of aerobic bacteria
  • Prevents evaporation of volatile components

Vacuum sealing is often utilized with dry foods like nuts or coffee, but you can also use vacuum sealing for fresh foods too.

Foods like:

  • Meat
  • Veggies
  • Fruits
  • Liquids (ex: stock)

The main thing to know is that the lack of oxygen slows the bacterial growth. This bacteria would otherwise eat away at the food.

Many vacuum sealers do not do well when sealing wet/ moist food (basically all fresh food) so you have to make sure to get yourself one that specifically has a wet setting. The Razorri E-5200M outperforms the market when dealing with moisture, due to its wet seal setting.