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The Smart Razorri Sous Vide Device Prepares Your Meals Perfectly

Do you usually get hungry at office in the afternoon, and really hope that some delicious food wait for you at home? Do you want to lie in bed until the breakfast is done at weekends? Are you busy outside, but have to prepare a dinner for your lovely guests?

We are coming out with a smart sous vide precision cooker with WIFI connection on Oct. 21st, Razorri RZ-09, $142.99. This new sous vide + WIFI device might help you with all of the above problems!

Razorri RZ-09 Sous Vide + WiFi

You may consider it as something like Internet of things (IOT). Yes, absolutely it is! We have developed a smartphone APP (Cook Pro) for this new sous vide precision cooker. Open the app on your phone and connect the sous vide device to your phone with the WIFI for your first use. Since your phone has remembered your sous vide precision cooker, you are able to remotely control the cooking device for your later use. With WIFI connection, you are able to start cooking from anywhere at any time, and you are able to monitor the statue of your cook and adjust the setting if needed. Most importantly, you can spend less time tied to the kitchen, and more time doing what you’d love to and being with who you love!

Family dining

We have prepared some sous vide recipes for you in the APP. It will be easier than ever to cook like a pro at home and get more perfect results. You can rely on the recipe setting or customize your cook settings with manual time and temperature control. What this Razorri RZ-09 has is that you can control either on the device, or through the Cook Pro app. It is easy to control.

What I really want to remind you is that you can change the name of the Razorri RZ-09 device from the app. Look! It is Emma’s Razorri there. Think up your own name and get your unique Razorri sous vide precision cooker! 

What's new for Razorri RZ-09? Watch the video to learn more!