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Do You Know Sous Vide Risks?

The two main risky areas with Sous Vide are bacteria formation due to low temperatures and using improper bagging techniques.


The formation of bacteria has been covered well but here is some more baseline knowledge that will help in your understanding.

The main concern with Sous Vide is the low temperature environments that your food is being cooked in. Compared to traditional high temperature methods anaerobic bacteria can be a problem. This can be solved by:

  • Using established recipes from sites like ChefSteps, Sous Vide Supreme, etc.
  • Searing your food after cooking
  • Purchasing meat from a butcher you know uses sanitary preparation methods


Use a Razorri vacuum sealer with approved bags for your food items when submerging in water.

  • This will greatly reduce the amount of aerobic bacteria that can grow while cooking.
  • Make sure you use bags that are safe for Sous Vide to avoid chemical complications. All Razorri bags are BPA free and safe to use with Sous Vide.