Razorri to Make It Easier for Food Storage at Home

Need to keep food fresh? Get annoyed with stale biscuit? Want to pickle plant foods within a day? We, Razorri, are coming out with a new vacuum sealer that can solve all of your relevant problems!

 We have released a $89.99 version of its popular vacuum sealers to the market the other days. The device, called P8800-MS, will include “Normal/Gentle” modes for “Dry/Moist” food. Considering that we often leave over some potato chips and cookies at home, which are really easy to get stale when exposed to the air, we develop this “Gentle” mode to vacuum seal the crispy food. Thus, you don’t need to worry about buying big bags of chips and cookies any more.

Razorri P8800 Vacuum Sealer

“Pickling” mode is another bright spot of this P8800-MS vacuum sealer. Pickling is a popular method to make the foods in another appetizing flavor. If you get a craving for a homemade Hamburger and are eager to make one right away, hamburger dill pickles are needed. You can have some delicious pickled dills in several minutes if you get our Razorri P8800-MS. We mean several minutes, instead of several days!

 Razorri pickling

This new device is wider than the previous if you notice. That is all because there is a chamber inside available for the vacuum sealer roll, releasing you from the troubles of looking for the bags anywhere before vacuum seal, or finding an extra place in your kitchen to store your roll. It particularly matches your tidy and modern kitchen.

 I can say, there is more to look forward to for the P8800-MS vacuum sealer. Let’s get it!