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How to Start With Vacuum Sealing?

Razorri E1800-C is the most compact vacuum sealer in the market, which makes it easy to fit in any small kitchen drawers. It will prevent oxidation in air-tight vacuum packaging and allow foods to stay fresh for up to seven times longer than conventional storage methods.

Now let me introduce this compact but awesome E1800-C vacuum sealer to you:


Super Slim

Designed in an all-black color which gives it a beautiful and modern look.

You can put it anywhere in your house and fit perfectly in your cabinet drawer.

Strong Suction

Despite its slim body, E1800-C has a strong and quiet motor inside that creates a suction up to -0.65 bar, so you can easily eliminate air, seal the food.



Healthy & Economical

Ideal for vegetables, meat, fish, fruits, corns, chips, enables you to buy food in bulk and store them easily, effectively saving your time and money.

Two Operation

Vacuum/seal and only seal. With the only seal function you can use rolls instead of bags for vacuum sealing, or seal any kind of other bags when you want.


Watch the following video and learn how to use it. Enjoy!