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Cook Pro APP Helps You Cook Like A Pro

Today, let’s talk about Cook Pro APP which is developed for our Razorri RZ-09 sous vide cooker.

Razorri Cook Pro App   

Cook Pro is a smartphone APP we designed to get you cooking, save your time in cooking and most importantly, to make you fall in love with cooking!

Now let me show you how to operate!

At your first use, the APP needs to be paired with Razorri RZ-09 sous vide cooker via WiFi. After that, you can start the device wherever you are with the Cellular Data.


  1. Tap “connect device” or the “+” in the top right corner, and then the WiFi information will be filled automatically if your smartphone has already connected with the wireless network.
  2. Long press “WiFi” button on the device for 3 seconds until the cooker beeps, and click “Next” in the APP quickly. The WiFi icon on the device will stop flashing when connection is completed.
  3. Long press the device name at the top left corner of the white box, then you can rename the device as you like.

Razorri Cook Pro App


The paring process is done when we get here.


Then, let’s tap in the white box and select recipes!

We’ve prepared recipes of 7 different kinds of food for you, including egg, beef, lamb, vegetables, pork, seafood and poultry.

  1. Tag the photo at the center to find out more recipes for the food you’d love to cook.
  2. Select one recipe. There’s information for Description, Ingredients and Directions.
  3. Tag “Heating” after preparation. The temperature and time will be set automatically.

Razorri Cook Pro app recipes

If you want to set the temperature and time manually, just tag the corresponding position at this page and change it. The temperature units °C / °F can be switched at the top right corner.

  1. Tag start button to start cooking. The device will be turned off when the time is over.


After you get it started with Cook Pro APP, you can just leave it aside and spend more time doing what you love, with people who you love!

Razorri save time


Get this free Cook Pro APP:

IOS: Please click here.

Android: Please click here.